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Consult At-Home

Our admissions coordinator will promptly contact all responsible parties to coordinate family consultations and/or patient assessments.

Receive Care

Our admission team consults, evaluates and initiates care, if appropriate. We bring hospice care to where the patient calls home, whether a private home, nursing home or long-term care community.

About Hospice Care

Care and Compassion When You Need It Most

Hospice Care, often referred to as palliative care or comfort care, refers to the special attention needed by patients with a terminal illness. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death; instead, it focuses on comforting the patient by addressing issues causing physical and emotional pain. Hospice care differs from other forms of health care in that it not only addresses the needs of the patient, but also the needs of his or her family. The goals of Health Link Hospice care are to improve the quality of life for the patient and to support his or her loved ones.